Help2Grow.org is a charitable organisation based in India, focused on supporting the underprivileged to sustainably work towards a better quality of life.


Why are we doing this?

Help2Grow.org’s mission is to support the underprivileged to sustainably work towards a better quality of life.

The Help2Grow.org Approach

At Help2Grow.org, we currently work with partner charities in India and provide –

–  Financial support for needs focused on education
–  Marketing and fundraising support
–  Support for initiatives that educate using technology

If you are interested in making a difference to underprivileged kids via Help2Grow.org, we’d love to hear from you on Team@Help2Grow.org



Project 1% : A How-to Guide

Project 1% as the name suggests includes each of us pledging 1%.  We pledge 1% of our incomes, time and energy to helping worthy causes.. because we believe that small things can often be the big things. We meet virtually monthly to channel the resources to a partner of our choice.…

Project 1% – The power of small actions

Have you heard the story of the young man who, while walking down an empty beach spotted a person throwing beached starfish back into the sea? Since there were millions of beached starfish on that particular coast, he went up to his man and asked him why he was doing…

Understanding Transformation @ Bridging The Gaps

I spent a weekend at the Bridge the Gap camp. The camp was about many things – ultimate frisbee, painting, dancing, gender equality and meeting people from across the country. Read more about it here in Shweta’s post. The camp was a lovely place to be, full of love and…

Bridging the Gaps… Through Ultimate Frisbee!

Bridging the Gaps (BTG) is a unique camp that seeks to transform children through sport and art. Held annually, BTG brings together underprivileged kids from all around India to play Ultimate Frisbee. But Frisbee is just the mode of delivery – it is the life changing lessons on leadership, accountability,…

The Beginning of Learning at Vidyarambam

Vidyarambam started off as a small initiative in a school in a small town in South India, teaching underprivileged students English and Math. Today, more than 13 years post its inception, the charity has expanded to more than 3,264 villages across Tamil Nadu teaching English and Math to more than…


Description: Bhumi  is one of India’s largest volunteer organizations. Volunteers from several cities across India come together via Bhumi contribute their time and skills towards education of underprivileged children, environmental and other causes. Timeline: Jul 2014 – Oct 2014 Help2Grow’s Partnership: We outsourced 2 projects for Bhumi’s Volunteer week within…


Description: Vidyarambam is dedicated to providing quality education to the underprivileged and under-achieving children at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, encouraging them to successfully continue their education.The organization supplements the education provided at school and reinforces the learning. Their approach to encourage the kids and increase their interest in education…


Description: Tansowa is a home for the destitute- old and young in Chennai. They provide basic needs like  housing, food, and education for the kids at the orphanage. Timeline: Mar 2014 to Aug 2014 Help2Grow’s Partnership: Tansowa was Help2Grow’s very first partnership. We hit the ground running with our first…

SOS Children’s Village

Description: SOS Children’s Villages is an international organization that has been around for more than 50 years and takes pride in working as an independent non-governmental social organization.  The mission of this organization is to care and provide for children who find themselves orphaned, abandoned or have families who are unable…


Description: Pudiyador is an NGO based in Chennai that provides educational support via after-school and weekend programs to underprivileged kids across 5 centres. Pudiyador’s centres are located within slum communities and ensure the kids’ intellectual, social and cultural development is fostered. Timeline: Jul 2014 to Present Help2Grow’s Partnership: 1. Play…


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